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Energy in Québec: a Source of Growth

The government is making public its 2030 energy policy, Energy in Québec: A Source of Growth, which puts consumers at the forefront of impending initiatives.

A unifying vision

Make Québec by the year 2030 a North American leader in the realms of renewable energy and energy efficiency and thus build a new, strong, low-carbon economy.

Ambitious targets

The government has adopted ambitious, demanding targets to be achieved by 2030:

  • enhance energy efficiency by 15%
  • reduce by 40 % the amount of petroleum products consumed
  • eliminate the use of thermal coal
  • increase by 25% overall renewable energy output
  • increase by 50% bioenergy production

Key policy directions

Four key strategic thrusts will guide Québec’s energy transition over the next 15 years:

  1. ensure integrated governance of the energy transition
  2. promote the transition to a low-carbon economy
  3. offer consumers a renewed, diversified energy supply
  4. define a new approach to fossil energies