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Staked claims

Prospecting license


Any person who wishes to prospect or stake land on their own behalf or on behalf of a third party must hold a valid prospecting license. The prospecting license grants its holder access to any land containing mineral substances if their objective is staking or prospecting.


To obtain or renew a prospecting license, simply submit an application to the Ministère des Ressources naturelles by sending the form “Prospecting licence application” (PDF format, 18 kb) (Word format, 73 kb) and the required fee. The issued or renewed license is valid for five years.


The license holder must carry it on his person when he is prospecting or staking any land. He must produce his license upon request to any officer of the Department.


It is prohibited to prospect on an area that is covered by a claim, a mineral exploration license, a mining concession or a mining lease, or one that has been withdrawn by, or reserved to, the State.



Staking is identified by means of metal tags obtained from any of the regional offices of the Department. These tags are placed on the posts (pickets) during staking and are used to identify the claim, the staker, his license number and the time of staking. Any interested person can purchase them upon payment for a set of four tags. The tags are valid for ten years from their date of purchase.



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